I’m a lecturer in political theory at the University of Manchester.

I’m interested in all aspects of analytic moral and political theory, but especially collective responsibility, groups’ moral agency (especially that of states and businesses), moral demandingness, feminist ethics, human rights, and the nature of individuals’ obligations in the face of global catastrophes and moral collective action problems. I have written on — or am writing on, or am at least thinking about — each of these issues. I’m keen to supervise postgrad students who have similar interests.

AcademiaIn 2017-18 I’ll be a Mind Association Research Fellow, thinking about collective obligations. I’m working on a book on the topic.

On this website you can download everything I’ve published, as well as my CV.

The photo to left was taken by Adina Preda in 2016. The photo at the top was taken by me at Kohimarama Beach, near where I grew up in Auckland, New Zealand.